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Porsche 911 (996)

Porsche 911 (996)

Author: William Wain  /  Categories: Owners Reviews, Porsche  /  Rate this article:
The 996 has seen some bad press, largely from people who have never owned such a car. So here is my review after 2 years of ownership.

The 996 still looks good even though mine is over 10 years old now, after being detailed yesterday it looks as good as new. For people who don't know the difference between the 911's then it just looks like a new one, most people think it is only a few years old. I bought mine two years ago for just short of £20,000 after two years of boxster ownership. At the time my friends were buying Focus ST's and Honda Civic Type R's for the same sort of money, well I think I got better value for money. 

The car will accelerate very quickly and get to 60mph in just over 5secs, and the power comes in all the way through the rev range, you get the feeling that there is always more power to come. The brakes are progressive and need to be worked to deliver their performance, don't expect to just lay your foot on the pedal and be thrown through the windscreen. 

In the bends the car handles well, it is very rare that the PSM will cut in, you do get the sensation that the rear of the car wants to come around to the front but this is characteristic of the 911.

Street Credibility
Exterior wise the car looks amazing with the aero kit fitted, it makes it seem wider and more aggressive and definitely turns heads. The paint work holds up though the years and everything on the car still feels solid. 

The interior does look a bit dated compared to the 997, however it wears well and the materials are of a good quality. Mine has the full leather interior but there is still quite a lot of plastic around the cabin.

Servicing and running costs aren't as bad as you'd expect, I have my car looked after by an independent specialist which greatly assists in the running costs. There is also no point in taking a 10yr old car to a main dealer, they probably don't want it there and an independent garage will look after it with personal pride and enthusiasm. The services alternate between minor and major each year, a minor service is a little over £200 and a major one will fall in just over £300. 

I tend to average around 23mpg as a daily drive, however on a long motorway trip you can average over 30mpg. 

Running Costs
Tyre life is limited, but then again this is a performance car and has 300bhp to apply to the tarmac.
I haven't had many issues over the last two years, most items have just been wear and tear parts and the great thing about the 996 is that there are lots of aftermarket parts available. 

Insurance Costs
The car falls into group 20, but Im 28 and pay just over £900 with all modifications declared.

The great thing about the 996 is that it is reliable, it is an everyday sports car and can keep up with cars like the Ferrari 355, there is very little in terms of performance between cars of this age. 

I think the 996 is a safe bet, you are better avoiding the cheaper examples as they may be cheap for a reason and could land you with thousands of pounds worth of bills. However buy a good one and you'll have a 911 for hot hatch money. Just remember though that although it might be cheap to buy, the running costs are still that of a 911 twice it's price. 

The best advice for any potential buyer is to not listen to all the horror stories on the internet about RMS & IMS failure, yes it can happen but it is not as common as people would make out and the posts are usually by people who have never owned such a car. I bought my car with high miles, the big problems tend to occur to the lower milage less used examples, so higher miles sometimes means that you have a strong engine.
Manufacturer Statistics
Engine (cc) 3387
Cylinders Flat 6
Power (hp) 296
Torque (hp) 258
Top Speed (mph) 174
0-60 (secs) 5.2
0-100 (secs) 11.5
Standing 1Km (secs) 24.2
Weight (kg) 1320
Economy (mpg) 28
Owners Scores  (10)
Performance 7
Handling 7
Street Credibility 8
Servicing 9
Economy 6
Insurance Cost 6
OVERALL (60) 43

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